About Us

Expert craftsmanship, customer service and ingenuity have helped Edmonds Landscaping grow from an ambitious one-truck operation into regionís premier landscaping firm. Our first 25 years of business have been accompanied by much change, in size as well as knowledge, capability, technology and creativity. We are proud to be recognized as an industry leader for both high-end residential and commercial projects in Snohomish and King Counties. The experienced Edmonds Landscaping team of designers, project managers and work crews is adept at handling all aspects of landscape installation and maintenance.

What We Do

The specific steps we take to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with our first-class handiwork are different for every job. Itís a proven process based on feel and flexibility ó not formula ó that sets Edmonds Landscaping apart in a competitive and constantly evolving industry. As we look to a future sure to include continued developments in material, methods and quality, Edmonds Landscaping is committed to building upon our tradition of excellence.

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